• Tuesday, 6:00 to 9:30
  • Special USPSA classifier match the first Tuesday of each month.

How Much

$15 for GPSL Members
$27 for GPSL Family of 2 & $12 for each additional member
$17 for Non-Members


Questions About GPSL/USPSA
Website Suggestion/Corrections

The Gwinnett Practical Shooting League (GPSL) is an United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) member club that meets every Tuesday night at the Range, Guns & Safes Gun Range in Atlanta, GA. We always welcome new shooters to our sport, and that goes especially for our lady and junior shooters. The Where, When, and How Much boxes above will get some of the basics out of the way for you. If you are new to shooting USPSA or new to shooting in general, please check out the New Shooters menu for great overview information to help you understand the basics of the sport and give you a framework of how a match is run. The Contacts box above has a President's link to send email for any unanswered questions you may have. The WebMaster link is the place to send suggestions for improvements or corrections should you see something amiss. Enjoy the site and we look forward to seeing you on the firing line soon.

The USPSA divides the country into Area Regions and State Sections. GPSL is a member of the Georgia Section which is a part of Area 6 (Southeastern US). Links to the websites for Area 6 and the Georgia Section are included in the Resources box to the right. Since GPSL is a USPSA member club, all of our matches are governed by the most recent USPSA Handgun Rulebook. We highly encourage you to take the time to download and read through the rulebook as it covers every aspect of our sport from match and stage design to scoring and competitor equipment. 

More Practical Shooting In Georgia

If you enjoy our weekly indoor match, you really should get out and try an outdoor multi-stage match. These matches allow for more movement and increased variation in the shooting challenges available. Often times you will encounter props and stage designs that are just impossible to make function safely within the confines of an indoor range so the experience is well worth the effort. Within about an hour drive of downtown Atlanta there are seven outdoor USPSA clubs with links to the clubs listed under Resources to your right. Each of these clubs puts on a great 6 - 7 stage match once a month, at which GPSL members usually make up 20+% of the attendance. Check the individual match websites for particulars such as start times and directions (remember that some matches, such as those in Alabama, may be in a different timezone!) Take at least 200-250 rounds of ammo with you, you might need it!

Two additional indoor weekday matches are available if you can't get enough during the week. NAAS is on the North side of town and SAPSC is on the South side. They are both run by a friendly bunch of people, and you would be made more then welcome at each of them so give them a try sometime. Their websites are available under Resources to your right.

Steel Challenge

A new shooting challenge from USPSA is the inclusion of Steel Challenge shooting. Steel Challenge competition consists of a set of predefined courses containing anywhere from 4 to 6 steel plates and a stop plate. A shooter competes for time by seeing how quickly they can shoot all of the plates from a shooting position. Shooting the stop plate stops the clock. Griffin Gun Club hosts a Steel Challenge match on the 1st Saturday of every month and holds a Georgia State Steel Challenge match once a year. Steel Challenge offers tremendous practice with the fundamentals of drawing, target acquisition, target transitions and accuracy. Due to it's very minimal requirement for movement and it being .22 rimfire friendly, Steel Challenge is ideal for introducing juniors to the shooting sports and developing all the fundamentals. Check the Resources box to the right for links to the Steel Challenge Shooting Association, TSCR Steel club, and Griffin Steel club websites.

Range Safety

• All firearms must be unloaded before entering the range

• Eye protection mandatory at all times

• Ear protection mandatory while shooting

• Firearms may not be handled except within the defined Safe Area

• Ammunition may not be handled in the defined Safe Area

• All new shooters must be briefed on the safety rules before shooting

• Only Jacketed Ammunition allowed on the range

No Steel-Core Ammunition is allowed on the range

Check the New Shooters menu for additional information.

Eye and Ear protection are available for rent at the range.